Sell A Junker

Camel Towing is your convenient and friendly scrap car buying service in the twin cities!

What's my junk car worth

We look forward to serving you. Name the make, model, year, and condition of your car, and we will take care of the rest. Our goal is to provide an excellent, honest, reliable service with no hidden fees!

Our free towing service allows us to give you the highest value for your unwanted vehicle. Few people want to continue staring at an old clunker any longer than the second it stops running, and we understand this.


Who Buys Junk Cars? We Do!

The reason why we are Minnesota's number one scrap car buyer is because we emphasize excellence in the quality of services. Providing excellent services to our customers is our topmost priority. For this reason, we go the extra mile to ensure that from the time you contact us till you receive your $$$, you are offered the smoothest, most hassle-free service ever.

Our team is comprised of trained experts who understand that a company's success is largely hinged to the satisfaction of its customers. At Camel Towing MN, your satisfaction is our topmost priority.

If you live in the region of Minnesota, you are in luck. Contact us today to get an offer. We look forward to helping you take care of your totaled or simply unwanted vehicle(s) and paying you good money in return for it (them).

How We Come Up With Offers:

All information you provide us helps us calculate the offering price for the car you want to sell. It is essential to select the right options. Other information like whether or not the vehicle starts, if it's missing parts, and if there are available papers for the car, can and will help us in giving you a quote. If you do not have the adequate documents, not to worry, we can help you with that or any other necessities to ensure a smooth and flawless sale.

We also understand that the reason your nonfunctional, totaled, damaged or wrecked car still lies around occupying space is that you just might be attached to it. At Camel Towing MN, we will provide you with an offer you will like and help you create that very much needed and long overdue space in your garage or yard.