About Us

We are the Junk Car service you can count on

Camel Towing MN is a family-owned junk car buying service created with people like you in mind. We are a licensed and insured company that came into existence with one single goal, which is to take the hassle out of scrap car sale.

With the kind of services we provide, you are in for a pleasant surprise when you discover how easy and rewarding our junk car service can be. From our easy to use website to our free towing service, you are guaranteed nothing but EASE and CONVENIENCE throughout the transaction.

We are Minnesota’s most comfortable, hassle free and rewarding way to take care of unwanted cars

Within 24 hours or less, you can have more space in your home and more money in your pocket. Is your car old or new, starting or not, scrap or simply unwanted, with documentation or not, regardless of where you fall, Camel Towing MN is all you need to take care of that car.

We understand that you need money to either buy a new car, take care of pressing needs or hold on to, and we can give you good cash in no time. Welcome to a world that requires no ads, no pointless viewings, and no delays before selling your unwanted vehicles. Give us a call or fill out our form today to know how much we would offer for your unwanted or wrecked car.

Junk Car buyer

We pay cash to get your scrap car of its current location and away for good.

Free Towing

With experienced and professional experts, our towing service is free and second to none.

Used Tires shop

We remove and replace your old tires with a reasonably used one in our shop.

We Pay Cash Everyday!

You are 3 minutes away from having more space in your home and more cash in your wallet! Selling your junk car for cash has never been easier or faster. You are just a phone call or a filled-form away! You are the tested and trusted scrap car buyers.

A trial would convince you too!